Wed 2-20-19 Storm Watch- Updated Thursday 1:30pm

Greetings and welcome again!

Thursday 1pm

I got back in from a little snowblowing in the driveway. There is 3-4″ everywhere and 5-6 where it drifted. That is after the sun shined on it all morning and compacted it. It is very compacted between it being fine snow and a 30ish degree sunny day.


I am looking ahead at the weekend storm. It looks like a beast.

Here is a forecast overlay from This one shows accumulated snow over the next 3/5/10 days. You can chose your forecast model time frame, and you can drag the little golf flag to your spot to get snow totals. It looks like I am in for 11-12″. Townsend. Laona, Crandon could see as much as 14-18 according to one model.


Here is the link.



Looks like about 4″ out there. I will know more in the am when I go to clean it up.


The snow really picked up in the last few hours. We have crossed the 3″ mark now. The snow is very fine and the gusty winds are having fun with it. The drifts between the snowbanks in my lower driveway are 6″ or so. According to the radar we are not going to be done for a while.


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