Wed Jan 26, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

I got a little trail time in today. I had very limited time so I just made a ride over to Athelstane and back for gas (~50 mi RT). The trails that I rode are right on that line where a couple of inches would make them nice, or a sunny day would kill them off.

Most of my ride was in generally good conditions. There were thin and snirty spots, but there was base and it was flat. It was thin on roads and in the woods behind Rustic, then good for most of my ride. As I got farther east conditions went down hill. About 4 miles out of Athelstane it was getting pretty thin and grassy. There were some rocks and icy corners throughout the trip.

It was not great but it was rideable and fun. More snow is called for.

Check out the comments from yesterday for more areas that I haven’t covered yet.

We are looking at the chance of an inch of snow tonight and then another 2-3 Friday night. That played heavily into my green light for the weekend.