Wednesday 1-10-18

Greetings and welcome!

I really could use a pleasant surprise this morning. I keep looking at the forecast models of the storm for tomorrow and keep seeing the same thing… little or no snow for our area.

We will likely be in the warm part of the storm until the main band of precip passes off to the north and east. The far NW corner of the state could see a 6+ inch snow in a narrow band, but right now I don’t see much snow for us.

The good news is that it is not that strong of a storm as far as bringing rain to our area. A little rain is good, it helps the base. Too much isn’t good. Right now I am seeing about 1/4″ of rain total for the storm.

The next question is how bad the warm air, rain and fog will hurt our existing start on a base before it freezes up again. It is 34ºF at 9:30am and the NWS says that we could see a high of 39.That is warm, but not likely disastrous. Between the cloudy day, minimal winds, and the deeply frozen ground I don’t expect to go too far backward.

With warm moist air overrunning the cold snow we will see some fog, and any drizzle or light rain that we see will add to that. We could also see icing of roads that are still frozen when the drizzle hits. This will apply more to untreated side roads. Treated roads should respond to salt well.

Looking ahead there are small snows possible about the 15th and 19th, and the big storm for about the 23 is still there, though it is south of where I’d like to see it. There is another storm for the 25th showing up too.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!