Wednesday 1-27-2021

Greetings and welcome!

It is again cold out today. We had a high of 20 and so far a low of 6. Snow cover and conditions have not changed since my last update.

We have a chance of some snow for the weekend. The snow could start Saturday night and last until Sunday night. On the high end the GFS is showing 0.25-0.5″ of precip equivalent. That could go 3-6″ if everything goes really well. On the low end the European model is showing a big goose egg.. nothing. Either way the snow would not be enough or in time to save the weekend.

In better news the European is showing 8-9″  possible for the Feb 5th storm. That would be nice.

The Dun-Good Club is reporting trails north of 8 in poor to fair condition, but they are open. See their update at Marinette Co Snow Trails for details.

It looks like River Road Riders opened some trails but are reporting poor conditions.

We have a couple of events coming up this weekend..


That is about it for today. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!