Wednesday 1-30-19

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It is cold outside. Really cold. Some places in the Fox Valley are still -20F at noon. The TV says that Wabeno is -9 and Oconto Falls is -14. Stevens Point was the coldest at -23. That is coming off of a very windy night that I saw get down to -24, with some areas having wind chills over -50. Schools and offices are closed and the mail has suspended delivery in 9 or 10 states, including ours. Roads are in bad shape from the blowing and drifting snow and there is no salt that will melt the ice at these temperatures.

I saw on the news that Crivitz Lumber Co burned down last night. That had to be hellish trying to fight a massive blaze at -13 with a howling wind. My hat is off to those firefighters and people that were there supporting them. They had to cut power to 90 people while they fought the fire, which would be incredibly bad for people tying to keep furnaces running too.

Yesterday afternoon work took me to Crivitz and Peshtigo late afternoon. The ride to Crivitz was interesting with snow covered roads and blowing and drifting snow. It was nothing compared to the ride to Peshtigo. On the way down 141 the winds that I would guess at 20-30mph gusting to 40 was blowing huge clouds of snow in the open fields. There were times where it would be a mile or two of near whiteout conditions. There were snow tornadoes whipping up in the fields and winds that would move my car over in the lane on the icy road. On the top of one entrance ramp there was a foot deep plus drifts.

I am working from home today. It just isn’t worth beating up my car and taking chances in severe cold weather. The wood burner is hungry too, with a 5 hour load lasting 3 or less.

The trails that I saw on the way to Peshtigo along Hwy M just south of Coleman benefited from the snow. They had been panned and were in early season condition. The blowing and drifting was giving them some bonus snow as it accumulated in the packed down trail. I would guess their snow from the last storms at about 6-8″ before the wind started playing with it.

I missed an event for this weekend on yesterday’s list. I can’t believe that I missed it but Slugfeast is this Saturday at Bear Point Yacht Club (4 miles east of Wausaukee on Hwy 180). Here is a copy-paste from yesterday’s update.

Events this weekend include Ice Bowling at the Parkway Inn (Parkway Rd a mile north of  Hwy X), Outhouse Races at the Firelane Bar, a Brat Fry and Antique Snowmobile Ride at High 8 in Goodman, and the Dog Days of Winter sled dog races and festival in Mountain. You can refer to the events page to see last year’s posters for more details.

The bitter cold is expected to continue tonight and Thursday before Friday’s high o about 12. Saturday the forecast is for a high of 32 with mixed su and clouds. Sunday and Monday we are looking at snow and rain and a high near 40. The rain for Sunday looks minor at best. The storm Monday looks a lot wetter.

Time to fee the wood burner again.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!



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  1. Hey Ray. I love reading your posts. Any insight as to the damage the rain will do. Looks like possible replacement snow on Tuesday? Just curious as I am supposed to be in Wabeno 2/6 – 2/10 for some riding.

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