Wednesday 1-5-2022

Greetings and welcome!


The snow has tapered off to very fine snow particles. I measured 4″ in three different spots and 3″ in one sheltered spot. We could still see a little more coming out of the north later.

The area between Hwy 64 and Hwy 29 looks like it has some heavier bands of snow going on. I would not be surprised to see 6+ in some spots there.

10 AM

We are under a winter advisory this morning. As of 10am we have a pretty solid 3″ down. The radar looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Right now the NWS forecast says 3″ today and less than an inch tonight. With 3″ already down and it snowing at a decent clip it is looking like this clipper is going to surprise us.

I really wasn’t expecting much snow out of it. My models showed 1-3 or 2-4 at best with one going a little higher. I guess that I wasn’t the only one surprised. The radar shows the storm pivoting counterclockwise around a spot at about Green Bay. There is a chance that we are seeing some Lake Michigan enhancement.

Whatever the case we have enough down to add a nice freshening to the trails and it is still snowing.

Yesterday when I went to Crivitz the trails along Parkway, Eagle Rd, and Deer Lake Rd all looked really nice and flat. The groomer was running just south of Thorntons and had probably come down the trail along Caldron Falls Flowage from Rapids Resort.

More to follow..