Wednesday 1-8-13

Greetings and welcome!

We broke the zero mark yesterday with the day’s high temp of +3. It was a regular heat wave. It didn’t break the cold spell though, I am looking at -22 as I get up for work.

We have one more day of it, and then it will get warm, probably too warm. Friday looks like a high of 30, Saturday looks a little warmer with rain, and more warm weather (35) for Sunday. Right now the forecasts are for the rain to come Friday night, but the GFS is showing it more for Saturday. The HPC QPF is showing the potential for 1/2 to 3/4″. It is hard to believe that we are going from -22 to having mid-30s and rain in two days, but here we are.

Right now the hope is that things will turn around for the weekend. If nothing else we will get a start on an ice base like we had last year.

Time to make the donuts…