Wednesday 1-9-18

Greetings and welcome!

We have cooled off quite a bit in the past day.There was no melting yesterday and last night we got down to about 13 degrees.

The heavy wet snow and the water under it is now frozen quite solidly. I can’t tell you how it looks on the trails it was dark when I got home last night. I would expect that it set up quite nicely.

My driveway and walkways are an insane sheet of ice that would take a lot to wear through. When I went out to throw in firewood I wore my ice cleats (crampons). That was a must. I definitely would have wiped out without them.

My travels yesterday took me to Crivitz and to Peshtigo. My take on it is that the snow diminished quickly south of Hwy X. A mile south of Crivitz on 141 it did not even cover the grass all of the way. There was a lot of standing water in low spots in the fields.

I have not been west of Hwy A south of Hwy C so I am not sure how the flowages area or Crooked Lake fared. There is often a rain/snow line west of Highway A where they get more snow, so I kind of expect those areas to be a lot like what I have in Silver Cliff.

Here in Silver Cliff I would say that I still have 4″ of really sturdy snow with a big ice base under it where the sun can hit it. Sheltered areas are 5-6″. I can stand on top of the snow but once the crust breaks I sink in an inch or two.

We have a nice base down. I would expect some very icy conditions and early season stuff. People will likely be hitting the tails this weekend. I got word that Forest Co is opening Thursday.

We are in a cold pattern with our weather coming out of Canada. Nothing is going to melt anytime soon, but that is generally a low snow pattern. There is a chance of some snow showers Friday into Saturday but right now it looks minimal. About 10 days out there is a parade of storms showing up on the GFS forecast model.

Right now the hope is that the cold will break and be replaced with a nice heavy snow from a southern storm. It can be a stubborn pattern, but I can hope.

I have not spoken with the folks at my work or at the Rapids Resort to see if I am going to do the celebrity guest bartender thing on Saturday of not.  I really have a lot on my plate at work and might have to go in. Hopefully I will be at Rapids with the camera meeting you guys and getting your pictures for the web page.

My trail camera is still missing. That is why there have been less pictures than usual. Hopefully it turns up in a day or two or I will have to get another one (The fastest way to find it).

Time to make the doughnuts.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!