Wednesday 10/21/2020

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Greetings and welcome!

We can add another milestone to the coming of winter almanac. Yesterday and last night we saw 3-4″ of wet heavy snow. That would make it our first shovel worthy snowfall. Reports have a solid 3″ near Fisher’s Camp and a solid 4″ up on Old J Rd a few miles to the west. Friends in Wausaukee reported little or no snow.

The snow did cause some problems. With some leaves still on the trees the heavy snow sticking to everything, it isn’t surprising that it would take down some branches and cause power outages. On the west end of Silver Cliff and in Athelstane power was knocked out for a while. To the east the power flashed off and on 3-4 times.¬†One person reported going out to clear the satellite dish and hearing branches cracking in the woods under the weight of the snow.

Right at 7am WPS is reporting that 379 people are out of power in Athelstane, 945 are out in Lakewood, 287 are out in Mountain, and 358 are out in Townsend.

I would also expect roads to be slippery in spots. Unlike previous snowfalls this one accumulated on the driveway as much as on cold surfaces like the car hood.

We did get cold Sunday and Monday nights. The lowest temperatures that I saw was 19 degrees, and it was close to that both nights.