Wednesday 12-11-19

Greetings and welcome!

The snow Monday added up to just about 3″ at the house by Thornton’s, and well over 4″ at the house in Silver Cliff. It was surprising how much difference 4 or 5 miles made. It started out with a good layer of freezing rain as I showed in my last update.

This morning (3am) Athelstane Weather is showing -15 for temperature. The NWS showed that with a little wind we could see -20 or -25 wind chills. We were only expecting -10, but on a clear night with polar air the temperatureĀ  dropping a couple of more degrees isn’t a big surprise.

I know that it is good and cold outside.I can hear the house creak and pop as materials contract and the frost in the ground heaves the foundation.

Today it could get up to 7, but the wind chills could again go into the -20 range. Tonight we could seeĀ  -4 before temperatures start rising ahead of the next snow storm.

The Wednesday night-Thursday snow could bring 5″ or a little more. There are additional small snows possible late week and over the weekend.

I want to try to dip a tape measure in the snow at the house in Silver Cliff tomorrow. I would guess snow cover to be in the mid teens but the hood of the one truck looked like more.

We have plenty of snow. Right now the big challenge is getting trails cleared from all of the ice/snow storm damage to trees. The clubs would sure welcome volunteers. The damage was far and wide, and a big layer of snow and single digit temperatures make the job even bigger. With thousands of miles of trails just wrecked with downed trees the usual couple of guys that do the heavy lifting in each club are going to be overwhelmed. Think about the task of clearing 100 or 150 miles of trails that look like this with those trees across the trail. Those clubs are all volunteer, no one gets paid to do that huge job. Look up the clubs in your favorite riding areas and volunteer if you can.

Here is an article that someone wrote about it.

Well I am off to bed. There is a big day ahead with cold temperatures and sub-zero wind chills, followed by another dose of snow. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!