Wednesday 12-14-16 Evening Update

6:12am- Wabeno -13, -28 wind chill.

Greetings and welcome!

We have two big items to talk about tonight.. The cold and the snow..

It was a colder day today with a high of 10, and a much stronger wind. At 7:30pm Crivitz has 4 degrees, Wabeno has -4. Wind chills on the rotating local weather station reports on Green Bay channel 2-2 are showing wind chills getting close to -20 in some places. If it wasn’t for a good cause I wouldn’t like it much. It is for a good cause, and with the cold week we have a great start on frost in the ground and ice on the lakes.

We still have 2-3″ of snow down, and when I went to start the car this morning it was squeeky. I like that. It has also packed down nicely in the driveway, and on untreated roads, the first bits of a base. It is enough that I could spin the 500 up and down the driveway a few times, but realistically we need a foot to get the trails into decent shape.

The weather forecasters are getting pretty fired up about the Friday/Saturday snow storm. There have been a variety of scenarios floated, but the bottom line is that we could see anywhere from 3-6 to 6-9 inches of snow. One run of the NAM model yesterday was impressive with a 1-2 punch of snow, with the heaviest snow coming in the second wave Saturday. That one would have brought us 6-9 inches of snow, but the next model run backed off on that a little. The TV still has us in the 4-7″ band. Whatever the case, my guidance shows us in for a significant snow event.

That’s news for tonight. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!