Wednesday 12-14-16

Greetings and welcome!

We have cold. The lowest that I saw was yesterday morning at -6, the warmest was +14 yesterday afternoon. The +14 was only for a little while in the afternoon. Most of the day the Wausaukee bank clock said 9-10ยบ, and there was an icy cold wind. We have more of that ahead for today through Friday.

The weekend storm is still on track to bring us snow Friday night into Saturday. The low is tracking a little too far south in my guidance to give us peak totals. The weather buddies are getting a little excited predicting 5-8, my guidance is showing a 3-6″ storm. That will be followed by more cold air before things moderate a little.

Farther out in the GFS model I am seeing a really nice storm for about the 22nd. If there were a But It Now button I would be clicking it furiously. It has good moisture and the perfect track to bring us some season opening snow. With the big freeze-up and a couple of storms before it, we would be in great shape for the Christmas to New Years stretch. A guy can hope and dream.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!