Wednesday 12-14-2022 Storm Update 8:15pm

Greetings and welcome!


Not a flake of snow yet. Some of the heavier precip is making its way here but it hasn’t changed over to snow yet. The NWS forecast has the snow starting late tonight and is still looking for 6″ tonight and a couple more tomorrow.

If all of this rain would have been snow maybe we would have seen the 19″ that the Euro model predicted. Oh well..

I’ll be back in the morning or earlier if it starts snowing.


The big storm is here. So far a couple waves of rain have moved through. Some of it was pretty heavy. At the moment it is just a mist. So far it has remained above 32ºF, so there is no icing… yet.

The NWS forecast has been revised a little. Earlier it was for 2″ today, 10″ tonight, and another 2″ tomorrow. Now they have revised it downward to 0, 7″ and 2″.

More to follow..