Wednesday 12-20-17-Updated with Pictures at 11am

Oh NO!!


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The latest out of the forecast models has our late week storm not strengthening in time and going way too far south to bring us big snow totals. From what I am seeing this morning we will be lucky to upgrade from 1-3 to 2-4. The arctic blast of cold is still expected, but the snow that was supposed to come first doesn’t look very promising at all.

Yesterday was a warmer day with my car showing a high of 35 and Crivitz marking 39. As usually happens on nice days around here the warm day came with a wind roaring in the trees. We had some melting, mostly on plowed roads and worn through areas. We got down into the mid-teens overnight so it should have firmed up the snow pack.

The trails that I saw yesterday held up pretty good, but we are still working with the same 6-8″ of puffy snow, now consolidated a little. My ride from the house would be ugly with a lot of gravel in the driveway and a fair bit of bare road on the way to the trail. We could really use some snow.

Right now the hope is that the forecast will flop back to something more favorable than 1-3″.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter.

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Here are some pictures from the way home this morning.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 12-20-17-Updated with Pictures at 11am

  1. It is signed, but only for no ATVs. I will have to look into if the sign crew goofed or if snowmobiles are locked out too. I did see that they groomed the side of Parkway from the gas station to the trail so there is a very good chance that you are right and that trail is closed. Thanks Jeff!!!

  2. Ray, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the trail behind the church got shut down. the town granted permission to run Parkway Rd. from the Red Pine to where the trail used to cross by the high lines for this year.

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