Wednesday 12-4-19

Wednesday 12-4-19

Greetings and welcome!

We have a few trails open this morning.

The Dun-Good Club has trails open but they are still working on grooming and trail cleanup. Iron Snowshoe is open north of Hwy C, and will open trails south of C on 12-10. The Pemenee River Riders open trails but they are not groomed yet.

Other Marinette County clubs remain closed as well as Forest and Oconto County trails.

I have heard some interesting snow totals over the last day. One friend in the UP reported 24″. Dun-Good reported 17″. I had 11″ at the GF’s house by Thorntons and 12″ at my house at C & F in Silver Cliff. When I measured my untouched picnic table I had a total of 16.5″ between the pre-Thanksgiving storm and the Sunday storm.

I had a long day on the road for work yesterday and when I got home I was in no mood for an update. The roads were still in bad shape from the storm other than state highways. Highways like 141 and 41 and 64 are clear and dry.

County highways north or west of Crivitz remain in poor condition. I’m not sure where they got the idea that a 3′ wide stripe of sand down the middle would clear several inches of rutted up ice off of a 30′ wide road but that was their plan. As a result county roads are in poor shape except for where the sun hit them.It took 45 minutes to get 22 miles to Crivitz yesterday morning, and it was 4 wheel drive the whole way.

Some town roads were good, some were terrible. I barely made it home on Parkway Rd last night even with good tires and 4 wheel drive.

So we do have some riding opportunities but getting there might be a challenge until the road crews catch up.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!