Wednesday 2-10-16

Greetings and welcome!

The weather calmed down a little today. We still had a cold stiff wind, but no snow and minimal drifting. We only saw a high of about 15 today, and I saw no sun melt to speak of. When I got home at 5 the car said 9 degrees. I am expecting more below zero temperatures tonight.

How are the trails? About like you left them last weekend, but with a couple of groomer passes and an inch or two of new snow. Some areas looked great, some were pretty worn out. They’re not perfect but they are passable. There is a chance of another light snow Friday.

Farther north I found much better conditions up by Dunbar and reports have areas north and west of Townsend still nice. One of those areas would be my destination.

I will throw it out there that you might want to ride this weekend. The one behind it has the GFS showing above freezing temperatures and rain for Friday and Saturday, the 19th & 20th. It isn’t carved in stone at 10 days out, but at this time of year in an ElNino winter, it is probably a good idea to treat every weekend like the last one anyway.

Let’s do a couple of questions from the weekend..

What happened to the web site?

In short, I got a job. When I ran the photography and web site business I had a lot more free time. Now I work 6 days a week, and with travel time they are long days. I will return to my former level of freedom, but it won’t be in the short term.

Sometimes when I get home I am pretty beat or pretty crabby so I will skip a day if nothing is happening. I never will miss a big snow, thaw, or rain event.

Sometimes I have trouble getting to the site/it has a different name.

Last summer I switched servers. In order to have both sites up at once I used a second domain name for the new server. It is

Once the transfer was complete the got a domain forwarder that points to the Some ISPs and security programs might not like that. The links on and both point to the WIsnowmobiling site.

Well my time is about up for tonight. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!