Wednesday 2-18-15

Greetings and welcome!

It was another cold day today with single digit highs and strong winds. Tonight is cold too, at 9pm we have -11 and 25-30 below wind chills. Tomorrow and tomorrow night look even colder. We will be lucky to see a high of 5 and could see -20 tomorrow night, and yes the ever present wind will be making for some dramatic sounding wind chill values.

Ideally a cold blast like this is introduced by a clipper and 1-4″ of snow. Not this time. We had a dusting both Monday and Tuesday night and that is about it.

There are a couple of more waves like this ahead. The next light snow times out for about Friday afternoon. The cold behind it will hold off until later Saturday ( high of about 20), and into Sunday (High of about 10).

The really cold stuff comes again early and late next week before the weather pattern changes up a little. Later in the week the GFS is showing more seasonal weather and a shot at some real snow. In the far reaches of the 16 day model there are actually a couple of chances for 3+ inch snows.

All of this cold weather has left the trails in nice shape. Wausaukee groomed early week and the trails along my path looked nice. Iron Snowshoe groomed Tuesday night, and the trails looked perfect on the way to work this morning. Traffic has been light with the cold, and it would take a lot to make whoopties or stutters.

The next couple of weekends look very promising for riding. The trails will begood, the weather should give us a break, and there are some good events coming up.

Doh! The TV just said -16 in Wabeno. Time to throw another log on the fire. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!