Wednesday 2-19-2014

Greetings and welcome!

Doing my research tonight all that I can say is wow.

We have a pretty major storm headed our way. The models vary a little on the path of the storm, but all versions have it hitting us pretty good. It is a  southern storm that the models have becoming very strong over our region and as it passes north.

The most pessimistic of the models pushes the storm way too far northwest, and we would end up with 1/2″ of rain and 2-4 inches of snow. The more optimistic view has us right on the rain/snow line initially, where the heaviest snow will be. The jackpot winners could see 8-12+.

The models are showing the storm getting very strong as it moves north, with surprising central pressures like 976 and 970mb. According to the Saffir–Simpson scale, a cat 2 hurricane usually has a central pressure of  965-979 mb. While we aren’t expecting 96–110 mph sustained winds, gusts over 40 are very likely. Along with a bunch of snow, the strong winds should make for a very challenging day and night for travel.

I don’t know if we will get some rain and 4″, or a foot of snow, but there is a wicked storm coming our way… at least that is how it looks 36 hours out..

As is typical after a big storm there is a cool down for late week and the weekend, and we can expect upper teens and lows around 0 to -5.

Right now the trails are in excellent shape with ample snow and recent grooming. The big storm should only add to that and maybe bring some big drifts to play in too.

After work Tue night I spent most of my night plowing and making room for the next one. Tonight I have a date with a coal scoop and a roof rake. Again, it is time to clear the way for the next one. Between the house, the work shed, and the wood shed, I will have my work cut out for me.

That is it for now. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!