Wednesday 2-28-18

Greetings and welcome!

We got close to the freezing mark for a low temperature last night, but that wasn’t what we needed. At noon we are again in the low 40s (43). It is cloudy now but the sun is supposed to come out later.

I don’t like posting pictures like this, I always thought of it like showing pictures of mutilated bodies in a car accident or something. In that light I didn’t do pictures when I was out and about this morning, but couldn’t help myself when I got home. These are pix of my driveway from 10:30 this morning. The base that I scraped off yesterday afternoon is again slushy about 2-3″ deep. The mud in the sunny area speaks for itself.

While my driveway is a decent proxy for the plowed road trails, the actual trails are likely a little better. There is no way to slice it nicely, Mondays’s spectacular trails are melting down. There is still base to ride if you can get past the ugly stuff, and as always north and west will probably be a little better.

I looked at the long term forecast and found little hope for relief. I will be posting the fat lady sings video if things don’t turn around for us pretty soon.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!