Wednesday 2/17/16

Greetings and welcome!

We did ok today. The clear night last night brought single digit below zero temps, which gave us a good start to the day.

The sun was out, but the day only got into the low 30s. I had 24 on the car at lunch, but later the bank clock down the road was up to 34. It is painted black, so it can be a little generous on sunny days.

Checking out the trails on the way home they all looked good. I saw them along Perch Lake Rd by Wausaukee, near Firelane in Athelstane, and near Jungle Jim’s, Rustic Inn, and Rapids here in Silver Cliff. All were nice and flat and had full coverage. About the worst that I saw was a little staining from traffic and treated roads melting. Untreated roads seemed to do ok. We have a clear night ahead, and more single digits, so it will freeze back up by morning.

The end of the week still looks warm. The warm air and rain will reach the area late tomorrow afternoon and rain into early Friday evening. The good news is that the cumulative rain total is only expected to be between 1/4 and 1/2″.

Right now my thought is that most of our trail system can handle the weather in the forecast, and might even benefit from it. Cloudy and low 40s for 2 days with 1/2″ of rain isn’t that much. Thinner spots might not handle it well, and roads will suffer, but it will also freeze and pack the trails into a more durable base.

Kevin commented and reminded us of the Wheeler Lake Jamboree this weekend:

Don’t forget about the Wheeler Lake Ice Fishing Jamboree this weekend as well:

Thanks Kevin!

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!