Wednesday 2.24.2010

2:30- Ok, so I’m happier than a fat guy at a build your own sundae bar right about now. Not only does RXL #2 live, it runs great. I think the last guy might have put a performance chip in it. Oh the pain. You have heard about RXL #2 ad nauseum, now it is time to meet her.

That is exciting, but it gets better. It seems that my front porch is a bad place to do snow measurements.` When I got out into the yard a little it was easilly 3″, maybe pushing 4″ in some spots. Note the ski tracks in the picture. Three miles east there is an inch less.

Well, I am off to put the air box on, go get some gas, and take a longer test ride.


Noon- It did cloud up about 11am, great news. No more snow has fallen yet.

10am-The snow added up to almost 2″”, but the sun came out this morning and has started to do it’s thing. Supposedly there is another small upper level disturbance is going to pass through today bringing a little more snow and a muzzle on the sun. Any time now would be good. The good news is that it is only 24ยบ out.