Wednesday 3-26-14 Evening Update

Greetings and welcome!

A quick storm watch update..

This storm is still a question mark. We will be right on the edge according to current guesses. That suggests that our friends to the north up by Hwy 8 might do well with it, and we might do ok too.

The Athelstane NWS forecast is looking for an inch tonight, along with freezing rain or drizzle for the morning. The final tally is about 2-4.

It should change to rain before changing back to snow later in the day, except for farther north of the magic line, wherever that may be. Right now it looks good for northern Marinette, Forest and Florence Co.

When I got home and checked the forecast and models I noted that the optimistic models were now moving the storm north, and the ones that looked bad last night look good now. That is ok, sometimes confused guidance in the models brings good results.

The TV weather channel 2-2 out of Green Bay just had a forecast animation on that showed final snow totals of 2.7 in Lakewood and 4.7 in Pembine.  Knowing the rain/snow lines, it is believable, but I’d add a couple of inches.

We have had a very cold week and we really haven’t lost much snow cover. The sun got a little more, but not much. In the driveway the melt water would just start gathering and freeze up almost immediately. The bare areas did not grow much at all.

So we have almost everything left for a base and a possible good snow right before the weekend. Sounds good to me.

It could go either way on the rain/snow line, but the glass is half full right now.

That’s news. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!