Wednesday December 10th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It is past my bedtime but I still want to update so I am going to keep it brief.

– So far so good. The week has been moderate for temperatures and sun, and we haven’t gone backward at all.

– We are still looking at some warm temps over the weekend. The models have moderated a little, but we are still looking at upper 30s and low 40s for Friday-Monday. There is a chance of rain Sunday and Monday.

– There is a chance of a few inches of snow Monday night and Tuesday as the warm air moves off to the east and we see some cooling for next week. There is a chance of  snow about Saturday the 20th, and again Christmas Day.

-Iron Snowshoe groomed along Hwy C in Silver Cliff this week. I am guessing that they would like to open this weekend, but I have no word on that yet. North of C the ATV/snowmobile trails are open but not groomed at last word. Some Near North trails are open, again the Snowmobile/ATV trails, and they are not groomed.

-It looks like Paul Bunyan (Lakewood) will not open this weekend as they had hoped. The rain and warmth in the forecast has them shooting for the 18th or 19th. Red Arrow in Lakewood and Townsend are in the same boat.

-It looks like the Dun Good Trails near Hwy 8 are the place to be. They are open and reporting very good conditions with a 3″ groomed base and 3-4″ of fresh snow on it. They caught a couple of storms better than we did, and it doesn’t surprise me that they are off to a nice start. The word on the street tonight is that one friend has a couple of hundred miles in up that way this week. He rides Dun-Good trails and up into Forest and Florence Co.

-Wausaukee, Crivitz, and Coleman remain closed.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!