Wednesday December 18th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

The big news yesterday was that it was a nice day. The sun and the high of 27 felt great compared to the arctic weather that we have had for the last few weeks. The only real melting came on main roads where the salt/sand actually had some effect.

The high temps in the mid to upper 20 is expected to last today and tomorrow, before cooling off to the upper teens or low 20s for the weekend.

There is a chance of light snow Thursday night into Friday and again Saturday. Those look like an inch or two disturbances.

At the moment it looks like a bigger storm for about Sunday is going to pass us by and go to the south. The model runs last night and this morning had the low tracking over southern Indiana and central Ohio, leaving us watching from the cheap seats. The TV weather guys have been hinting that it could move north and give us meaningful snow, but I am not seeing that on the models that I use, at least not yet. I am always up for a pleasant surprise.

I am hoping to at least get a spin around the neighborhood this weekend.  There is probably still a lot of rough stuff out there where ruts and bumps haven’t filled in yet, but there is also some good trail. That is the early season twist. I still think that we are ahead of normal with the ice layer on the back roads and the now 4-8″ layer of compacted snow. As usual there is a little more north and west.

Well the rooster is crowing so I have to scamper off to my day job. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!