Wednesday December 21, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

Yesterday was another day this week that kind of caught me off guard. I had a lot scheduled and more came with it. By the time that I got home I was pretty worn out, so the update never came. That isn’t going to happen today, I am up early and on it.

It is getting frustrating dialing up the 16 day GFS model and not seeing any big storms heading our way. There are some small ones about a week out, but it seems like there always are. The best that I can tell we are going to be sitting out the Christmas weekend, and maybe the stretch between there and New Years.

Here in Silver Cliff it is either mostly bare ground or glare ice. The ice is starting to be a little more scarce as the mid-30s days and sun come at it.

There was some good news in a comment yesterday from Gary, one of the regular contributors here..

I went for what I thought would be kind of a “gravel ride” west of Townsend off of Diamond Roof Road on Monday but it was great!! There is a nice, frozen base with about 3 inches of packed snow on top of that. Not perfect but more than rideable. Took one of my old Yammie Exciters (1980) and it was really nice to be back in the saddle again! Gotta love those fan-cooled sleds – very little maintenance and they don’t wanna die.

Slug had said that the RR grade north of Townsend was laying down nice last week. Apparently a guy can get a little skitch around up that way.  Checking in with the Red Arrow site, it looks like another good snow would do it up that way.

As happens frequently the rain/snow line favored them a little more thanks to them being NW and farther from the lake. Unfortunately it still isn’t enough to get the trail system open and groomed yet, but it is a lot better start than we have around here.

I have tackled a lot of projects this Fall and one came to fruition yesterday. It is a web site for a fellow snowmobiler and Big Snow Page benefactor from the IL/WI state line area. He is an HVAC contractor with a focus on air and water purification systems called Pure Air & Water Systems. He has a new web site at . Take a look..

There is another site that will come on line in the next day or so for an area road construction and excavating company, and another one not too far behind for a local trail stop.

So far today has brought an update to the Bear Point Sno-Cruisers site, and an update here. Later I will be updating the Iron Snowshoe site.

Yesterday and today I am working on setting up a really nice computer based DVR system with remote Internet capabilities for a local business, and installing security cameras to feed it.

In my spare time it has been laptop mania. Yes I fix those too. Last week it was an HP netbook with a smashed power jack, and today I have a motherboard to pull and get ordered for a fancy Dell gaming laptop with the bad Nvidia GPU chip.

Throw in a couple of part time jobs and a variety basket of health problems over the last two months, and I have been a busy boy this Fall. I figured that you guys were owed an explanation why I didn’t update in Fall, why I am missing updates, and why I’m not ready with the sled yet. It will get better very soon.  While I regret missing time here and the other sites, and how long some of the projects took, I am most delighted to have the work.

I am expecting a little time off over the weekend with the Christmas holiday. I plan on pulling the RXL into the shop and pulling together all of the elements for it that I have been gathering up over the last few weeks.

Speaking of the Christmas holiday I have been seeing a few signs that people will be open. Some trail stops will be open late afternoon, some early. The Silver Cliff BP is open until late afternoon Saturday, but not on Christmas Day Sunday.

That pretty much wraps it up for today. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!