Wednesday December 25th, 2019

Greetings and merry Christmas!

The past two days have been in the mid and upper 30s with a lot of fog. The snow is definitely consolidating and getting packed down. The fog is brutal for travel at night.

I haven’t left the house today due to the holiday thing so I can’t tell you much about the trails today. Yesterday they were holding up well but were a little stained. The packed down snow on side roads was doing ok, turning into an hard packed slippery layer. They are melting a little but still have an icy layer in untreated spots that the sun didn’t get.

One positive in our weather, it is not sunny. Sun and our warm days would be really bad.

We are stuck in a warm weather pattern and it looks like we will be here for a while. Tonight’s low is expected to be 35. Tomorrow we are going into the low 40s. Friday and Saturday is expected to be in the mid-30s.

But wait it gets better. We have a storm for the weekend. It will probably start as snow Saturday afternoon but change to rain or a mix for Saturday night and Sunday morning. When the back of the storm comes later on Sunday it could bring a little snow. There are chances of snow Thursday 1-2 and Sunday 1-6 and several more small storms later in the 15 day reach of the GFS model.

Several clubs and the Marinette Co Snowmobile Alliance have asked people not to ride wheeled vehicles on the trails until it gets cold again. They are hoping to preserve the base.

I will get a lot better look around tomorrow and will update. In the meantime have a good night and Merry Christmas!