Wednesday December 25th

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

We had between 2-3″ of snow last night. I haven’t been out to play in it just yet, but I will be soon. That is what it looks like out of the front window.

Speaking of what it looks like, here are some more pictures. I had one foot on the path yesterday and only had time for a couple.

From what I saw driving yesterday the trails looked really nice. It looked like there was a nice base and well groomed trails. A friend last night said that he found an ungroomed one and it was pretty rugged, but everything that I saw looked nice.

One thing that caught my eye was how road shoulders are pretty nice. Between the road crew’s allergy to road salt and the icy layer from the rain a few weeks ago, there will be minimal ski dragging. That is a bonus for Christmas riding. Usually it isn’t like that.

One last item, the weather forecast.. We are expecting some cold weather behind today’s clipper snow. It is pretty typical. Highs the next few days will be in the teens, and lows about -5. Friday and Saturday there is a warm spell coming. Friday should be mid-20s and Saturday could go into the low to mid-30s.

I am off to the work shed. I have maybe an hour or two of work left on the Cat and I will be checking over the 500 (Indy Trail). I am expecting that to check out OK and a possible first ride of the year. At that point every minute that I spend here is one less on the trail, so I am off to the Blue Room.

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting!