Wednesday Feb 17th, 2009

Greetings and welcome!


IN an attempt to up my ride to wrench ratio, yesterday I walked past #2 and jumped on #1 for a ride. My travels took me up the north trail toward Benson Lake Rd ( N trail), across toward A, and up toward the Dunbar area.

The trails were a delight. The groomers had obviously done well on previous passes, and it was nice and smooth with a nice bit of free snow.I made great time and the trail was very smooth. I don’t know what more a guy could ask for. There were even some small snow drifts for me to play in out on the open areas.

It was overcast, and with the new snow there wasn’t much contrast. It made it hard to take pictures, but I tried anyway.

Someone asked about Benson Lake Rd last weekend. The little that I saw had a good ice layer, was plowed and there was one stripe of sand down the middle. It is under consideration as a shortcut over toward Blackwell and points north and west on one of my upcoming rides.

The worst part of my trip was the road between here and the trail. Sunny road shoulders were getting thin already.

Morning Update

It looks like a warm one today and tomorrow. The NWS is looking for 35 today, and thankfully it should stay cloudy. Tomorrow at 36 and sunny might not be so much fun. The trails that I rode yesterday could handle that easily, but some of the more sunny spots on marginal trails farther south might not like it.

Some of the models were flirting with the idea of some light snow for the weekend, some are keeping the snow at the state line. The story for the late month storms remains the same, about half of the runs they are there , and about half they are not.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!