Wednesday February 26th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It is a cold one this morning. I am seeing -12 right now. We are looking for a high of about 10 today. With 10-15mph winds we are looking at wind chills that could go -20 or -30. There is a chance of some snow showers this afternoon.

Tonight the snow and wind is expected to pick up a little. We could see an inch by morning, and 15-25mph winds to blow it around. Behind that snow is some very cold air, about -22F. That means Thursday will bring a high in the 0 to +5 range, and -20 is possible Thursday night.

There is another chance at light snow or an inch Friday, but the air behind it isn’t quite as cold. For Friday and the weekend we are looking at +10 and -10 for high and low temperatures.

This week will put Green Bay into the record books. The record for the most below zero nights is 48, and we are at 46 now. The old record was from 76-77, and there is little doubt that we will break it. Looking at the longer term GFS forecast model, it looks like we will outright shatter it, I don’t see temps moderating until about March 10th.

Yesterday I was looking at the sun melt, and while there was a little on roads and sidewalks, it was very little. The low temperatures should keep that at bay for another week too.

That all adds up to at least another weekend or two on the trails looking pretty likely. It will be on the cool side, but the trails will remain nice. After March 15 all bets are off, but an extended season is very possible..

That is it for today. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!