Wednesday February 8th, 2023

Greetings and welcome!

Today is one of those days where it isn’t much fun to be me. It is 44 and sunny outside, and it looks like we will be watching the storm go by from the cheap seats.

I saw the morning news and confirmed what they said on the news with my forecast models. This graphic from the 8am news out of Green Bay pretty well sums it up.

The NWS still has us getting about an inch. I just saw the noon news forecast and it didn’t get any better.

I was not sleeping well last night so I did a late night shift on Indy Trail #2 suspension. Hopefully I can wrap that up later today.

The little guy shouldn’t need much because it only has like 1,400 miles on it. Yeah but it is 29 years old and to my knowledge it has never been serviced with pulling the shafts and so on. My thought on it after tearing it down was that it would have run down the trail but doing this next year instead of this year would have been a nightmare. Much to his credit the guy before me used his grease gun regularly. There were places that the grease didn’t reach and those spots were starting to seize up. My 4# sledge got a workout last night. About half of the bearings were in good shape, about have were going to fail at some point soon.

This one didn’t come out easy.

I finished the rear swing arm and wheels last night. This afternoon I go after the front swing arm and wheel bearings. Hopefully it goes as well as the rear did. Last year I had a shaft on the other one that wouldn’t come out for love, money, heat, penetrating oil, or a 20 ton press. The gas ax got it out…

Hopefully the force is with me this afternoon and I won’t have to flex up like that again.

Right now my best hope for the weekend is that the weathermen totally blew this forecast and we end up with a pleasant surprise. We are up to 47 and sunny at 12:30pm. We will want that snow.

Have a good afternoon and thank you for visiting!