Wednesday January 12th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

It is a warm sunny day outside and I am off to get some outside stuff done. Hopefully that means a test ride or two.

I got a look down Boat Landing 11, Caldron Falls Rd and Ranch Rd last night. The couple of inches of fluff helped, but the roads are still pretty scrapey. The good news is that the snowbanks were small enough to be easily conquered in many spots.

The trail along the road looked like it held a lot of base, and now there is a little fluff on there too.

I saw that Paul Bunyan went and packed it on the grade yesterday.

The hit counter says that a lot of you want to come snowmobiling this weekend. It might work out.

Right now you can ride, but it is like I said with  March conditions. There is a lot of nice base, some nice hardpack, some ice, and now a couple of inches of snow on it. Plowed roads and sunny spots were bare, and now have a couple of inches of snow on them. More snow would make it a lot better.

We have a little snow possible tomorrow night. The TV is showing it bringing between 1.5 & 3″ by Friday morning. Another little bit of energy could bring another 1-3 Friday night into Saturday morning.

IF we ended up with 4-6 out of these storms the trails would be in a lot better shape.

More to come later…