Wednesday January 15th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It is a dandy layer of snow that we have this morning. We didn’t see much additional accumulation after dark yesterday, so I’d put the total somewhere in the 7-9″ range. It is a hard one to pin down. The open areas of the driveway had about 7, the wood yard where it drifted was up to the top of my boots. Those drifts will probably make for some nice play spots.

The snow wasn’t particularly heavy, but there was a lot of it when I was cleaning up the driveway.

Now, as is typical with a clipper system, comes the cold. It is 7 in Wabeno this morning, and Athelstane Weather has 12. We are looking for a high of about 15 today.

Don’t put the shovels away just yet.. The next clipper is already showing up on radar in North and South Dakota. That one is expected to bring another inch tonight. I am surprised that the expected snow is only an inch, it is a pretty strong storm for a clipper. If nothing else the wind will blow the snow around a little.

I am expecting an interesting ride to work today. The road crews had their hands full just keeping the roads punched open and there wasn’t much time for salt or sand during the storm. The snow and traffic built up an icy layer on the roads, so there will be some slick travel this morning.

On the way home the dedicated snow tires on the front of the car did great, but the all season tires on the back might as well have been made out of Mountain Dew bottles. I had a couple of corners where they got loose on me. Be careful on the roads today.

That’s news for this morning. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!