Wednesday January 23, 2019

Greetings and welcome!

3:15pm- Finished up my work for today (Taxes Ug) and took a look at the forecast. Holy freeze wave Batman. There are upper air temperatures of -38ºF and -43F just north of Lake Superior Sunday. As it gets closer it goes -42 C. That is a couple thousand feet up, but it should translate into some deep cold for us surface dwellers. Note the closeness of the isobars (blue lines). That tells me that there will be some wind too. A week in Jamaica you say?


Here is a front porch rail shot. That measured 2″.


2:30pm- The snow came back this morning and added at least an inch to the total. Looking out of my front door there is 2+ on the rail and probably more in the driveway. That is a 2 day total. Once I finish up in here I will get a better look.