Wednesday January 30th, 2013

2:10pm- I measured 3.5-4″ in the west yard. The snow is a little lighter now but still coming.

1:30- It is still snowing at a good pace out there. There is probably an extra inch or two since my 11:30 update.

Rodman asked if there was base before the storm. Yes and no. A lot of areas had some base left from the big meltdown a few weeks ago. The rest that didn’t got a couple of inches of clipper snow, 3-5 Friday, and then 3-5 Sunday night. The rain and warm knocked that down to 3-4″ of wet heavy snow that will help make base. Once this new snow packs down and absorbs some of the moisture, then freezes in with tonight and tomorrow’s cold blast, we should have a good start on a base almost everywhere.

11:30- It has been snowing pretty good. I measured 2.5″ down by the work shed and in the side yard.

10:30am- Now I believe! There is an inch down. It is snowing at a good clip, and the radar looks like there is a lot more heading this way. This is looking very promising. It could be that they lifted the winter storm warnings a little too soon. That and the storm is farther west than expected. Nice reversal.

13013b 13013a


8am- Only a dusting so far. Predictions are down to 2-4 or 3-5 for the area. The radar still looks good.