Wednesday January 4th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

It has been an interesting day so far. It started out at about 6 degrees at sunrise, and as of about 10:30am it is up to 25.

I am on a mission today to get on the sled. I was up early to get stuff done, and so far have updated Iron Snowshoe and Bear Point Sno-Cruisers, and you guys are next. After that it is a little firewood and I am off to the workshed to get the sled ready for a ride.

Not a lot has changed since yesterday as far as conditions or the weather outlook for this week/weekend. When I was by W & Parkway yesterday they had 1-3″ of snow, and it went down to almost nothing as I got closer to Crivitz. They did plow and sand Landing 11 road, crimping my fun a little, but not completely. I still intend to leave some tracks there later this week.

The weather.. Today we could get close to 30. Tomorrow the NWS is saying 33-37, and Friday brings high 30s. Green Bay TV stations are looking for low 40s for Friday. It should cool off for the weekend, bit we are still looking at upper 20s to low 30s.

The latest GFS is still stuck on stupid, with no big storms. There is the warm-up this week, another warm spell next week, and a chance of a clipper about a week out. Later in the 16 day window there is a little more snow, but there usually is. So far it hasn’t worked out well.

There are a few comments to deal with this morning.

Dan from Riding with Dan & Dillon-Hopefully soon we will have snow to ride on from Chute Pond to Crivitz!

I wish.. so far that is only in my dreams, prayers, and my truck..

Good news from the north from the Vintage Pats & the Dun-Good Club

Dun-Good’s trails are open for ATV’s, UTV’s and sleds. Very good conditions, but icey for ATV’s, fair for sleds with about 4? of new snow on top of an icy base. The groomer is out this morning and the trails are turning out real well. We groom all year long so the trail base is smooth, the ice fills it in and the snow cover is enough to ride. Pemenee is open for ATV’s, UTV’s and sleds also, but not grooming until there is more snow. It’s not the best, but it ain’t bad!

Kathy from Thornton’s reminded us of the radar run on Caldron later this month. It is on the event page.-

13th Annual Radar Runs/Fishoree, Sat. Jan 28th, 8am – 4pm. Food, beverages, raffles on ice in heated tent off of Boat Landing #9, Caldron Falls Flowage. 800? track, $100 cash top speed, trophies for 40 classes, 100% payout for Fishoree. Runs open to Cycles, Snowmobiles and ATV’s. All food sales and raffles benefit our Town of Stephenson Vol. Fire Dept. Thanks much and hope all is well, Kathy

Someone on the Iron Snowshoe Facebook page asked about new maps. There is a new county trail map out, and it is in the plan to get that digitized and posted on the Iron Snowshoe and Bear Point web sites later this week.

Also in Iron Snowshoe news, yes they are having the Bunny Hunt again where they stash prize bunnies along the trail. They have about three grand worth of prizes, with 18 bunnies (3 per week x 6 weeks) valued at about $150 and the big thumper worth about $1,500 in prizes. That will start up once their trails open.

One last item.. There is a group of community minded folks that have put together what they are calling the Silver Cliff Service Club. They are about lending a hand where it is needed, doing projects for the community, and being a resource. They have a Facebook page so far, and I expect it to grow soon.

Well I am going to get out of here before the phone rings or one of my many work projects catches up with me. As I mentioned, I am on a mission to get out to the work shed and onto the sled today. Work has come first way too many times, and it is dammit day. What’s that, the phone? NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!