Wednesday January 6th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

We got down to about zero Monday night with the clear skies. We will be seeing more of that and colder after Saturday. In the meantime we are expecting highs in the 30s and 1-3″ of snow over the next few days.

Once Saturday night comes around the axe is going to fall on our mild winter. We are looking at high temperatures in the 5-10º range and about that in the negative numbers overnight.

There has been a lot of conversation among riders and the clubs about looking forward to the cold spell so that we can freeze up the swamps and low areas. I’ll add lakes to that list.

I talked to a customer at work that said that he found varying ice thicknesses. Some areas had as much as 6″, and a bigger lake about 45 minutes north was still open in the middle.

Willy wants to know how the trails are.

Iron snowshoe is closed south of Hwy C. River Road Riders is open, but is warning about some hazardous conditions. It looked pretty thin to me when I was in Crivitz last week.

Wausaukee is closed. Athelstane is open but done grooming until it snows again. Goodman is reporting good early season conditions. I also found that from about Lakewood north along 32. It gets a little thinner south of Lakewood and down toward 64.

As mentioned above lakes are very thin on ice right now. Choose your travel there carefully or better yet avoid them.

Roads are holding little in the way of an ice layer, so road trails aren’t much fun, though the snow banks are low enough to easily conquer.

Personally I am waiting for some more snow. I have ripped the 500 up and down the driveway and around the back field but that is about it.  It is a long couple of miles to the trail without much ice on the roads.

Hopefully the light snow over the next three days adds to the trails. We have a start but more snow would be a lot better.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!