Wednesday January 7th, 2104

Greetings and welcome!

Cold we have. It is -5 right now, off of today’s high of +3. The wind  has been blowing right along, and we have had constant wind chill warnings or advisories for a couple of days now. Schools have either closed or started late this week. Both yesterday and today we posted wind chills in the -30 range.

We are in for yet another round of it. The clipper is expected to bring 1-3, and maybe a little more with the cold temps making it lighter snow.It looks like there is a little moisture with this clipper, so it could go well for us.

Behind that we have probably the coldest blast yet. The wind will be out of the northwest again, and some of the upper air temperatures are shown approaching -30C or about -22F. Riht now the outlook is for  about +5 to +10F for high temperatures Thursday through Saturday and lows in the -5 to -10 range. Throughout that period we could see wind chills in the 25 to 30 below range.

It doesn’t last forever. Sunday is expected to go into the mid-teens, and we should be back into the 20s next week.

The trails last weekend ran from good enough up to great. Add Sunday’s 2+ inches of snow, tomorrow’s 2-4, and a lot of cold weather, and there should be a lot of good riding opportunities. With the continued cold the trails will take traffic a lot better than they did last weekend at +30. Those that brave the cold will find good trails this weekend.

I see that the Ranger City Riders trails opened this week. It looks like the River Road Riders are waiting for another snow. Hopefully tomorrow’s snow will do it for them.

That is it for me tonight. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!