Wednesday March 6th, 2018

Greetings and welcome!

The outlook on the Saturday night-Sunday storm has changed a lot this morning. This version has the storm a lot more likely to be all snow. Looking at it I would guess at a 4-8″ snowfall, possibly a little more. The timing of it would be that the snow would start about sunset Saturday night and continue into late Sunday afternoon. The TV, the GFS model and the NWS are all on board with the snow outlook. The NAM model doesn’t quite reach the storm hitting our area yet, but it too looks promising for snow.

Will it happen? I am a little skeptical, mostly because the low pressure area is shown tracking a little north of the ideal path. At four days out it is a pretty fine line to be drawing with any certainty.

Last night we had a beautiful sunset.There were some big dark clouds bringing here and there snow showers and the sun was lighting them and the snow showers from the back making it very colorful. I also saw something unusual.. there were columns of snow falling where there were no cloud. What? The temperature was dropping fast and apparently it was squeezing some moisture out of the atmosphere. There were a couple of little wisps in the distance of falling snow where there were no obvious clouds. It was kind of the opposite of virga. I don’t recall seeing that before.

We had a very cold night last night. I saw temps fall to -20F. I am not sure if that is a record low, but it has to be close. We got up to 18 degrees yesterday but it sure didn’t feel like it with the ice cold wind. Today we could go into the 20s. The forecast is for 20, but we are already at +14 at 9:30am so it could go a little higher.

Time for me to be heading to work. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!