Wednesday March 9th, 2011


Greetings and welcome!

I went out at about 12:30 and checked the snow. My top measurement to firm ground was 7″. That included the last couple of little snows and today’s snow in a sheltered area.

As far as today’s snow I would put that in at 4.5-5″. Most readings around the front yard were 4.5. There were some at 5. It is nice snow with bigger flakes, and it will pack well, but it isn’t sloppy wet.

I kind of held off on checking it because the radar said that it was almost over. That was a few hours ago and it is still snowing. I am also enjoying their Predictor animation where we are shown getting 1.8″ by tomorrow morning. Ooops.

It looks like this one will go 5 maybe 6″ for sure, and I am up for a pleasant surprise that keeps coming.

It turned out a lot better than I expected. Yesterday they kept downgrading the storm with each passing model run. First the totals got lower, then the winter storm watch went into a winter weather advisory, then the TV down graded us to 2-4, and the 1.8″ . I was not a very happy guy.

I did do a couple of pictures while I was outside, but the top pic was the only workable one. The rest suffered from being all the same color and my footprints didn’t contrast enough to show up well. I will try again later.

As far as riding, go for it. There is plenty of snow for a nice ride. Just watch out for icy spots under the snow.

It still isn’t clear how the end of the week will turn out. We are still looking at mid-30s Thursday and Saturday and almost 40 on Friday.

The models have been struggling with the late week storm. The latest NAM is snowing the storm pretty much fading into light snow, if that. The GFS shows it coming as a 1-3 with light snow into Saturday night. It is not looking like we can count on that to rescue us from warm sunny days Thursday and Friday, but there is the hope that since it has changed so many times that it will change again.

Right now it is snowing and there is about 5″ down, plenty to ride on. It is still snowing and could for a while yet.

I have to work this afternoon, but I will be getting a few gallons for gas for the sled too. I have a couple of hour window tomorrow that I plan on filling up with a ride.

The warm Thusday and warm sunny Friday put conditions for the weekend into the unknown category. Today and tomorrow we are golden for sure.

The snow mostly fell SE of a line from about Carter to Antigo, though areas past that probably saw some snow.

That is it for now..

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!