Wednesday November 14th, 2018

—–> Correction- The hunter’s bake sale at the Firelane Bar is Thursday, not Friday. The one @ Jungle Jim’s is Friday. -Ray

Greetings and welcome!

I am hiding from the cold weather this morning, so I am starting the day with an update.

It was cold out the past two nights. How cold>? It got down to 4ºF in Wabeno, and 4.5 in Athelstane last night. The night before had lows in the 7-9º range. Yesterday’s high temp was 23 degrees, almost 20 degrees below normal.

We still have snow on the ground in Silver Cliff. We had about 2″ last Thursday and another inch or two Sunday. In sunny areas it is getting a little patchy, but sheltered areas are holding it well. The shadowed area of my driveway has a little ice base going where I drove on it and a couple of inches on the ground. It looked a lot like winter.

The lakes are definitely making ice. The little pond on Hwy A that I talked about last time was frozen all of the way over already Monday morning. After a couple of single digit nights I could probably walk on parts of it.

Dan Guendert posted pictures on Facebook a few days ago with a fair bit of first ice on Chute Pond. I will see if I can go past one of the flowages today in my travels.

It is expected to warm up later this week. We could see mid and upper 30s for highs Thursday and Friday before temps go into the upper 20s for the weekend.

There are deer hunter’s bake sales at Jungle Jims and Firelane Friday.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!