Wednesday November 18, 2015

Greetings and welcome!
We have a big storm affecting our weather, and it will continue to do so right through the weekend.

Last night’s version was rain and a lot of it. I would guess it at a 1-2″ rainfall. There were puddles and plenty of mud. We have been having a lot of those lately, so the low areas are holding water and the ground is muddy. Heavy rain on top of thta had it pretty sloppy.

Today we had hit and miss rain showers, and a good bit of wind. The wind was strong enough to bring down a few dead branches along roads, but nothing epic that I saw.

The next phase of the storm is more wind and some snow showers. Tomorrow’s winds are predicted to be 15-2mph gusting into the mid-30’s or possibly 40mph.

Then comes the cold. So far this year we have had a few cold waves, but nothing that really endangered pipes and plumbing in unheated spaces like my well house. This weekend will change that.

Usually my rule is that it is ok to get into the low 20s as long as the days are above 40. The residual head from the daytime keeps the building warm enough that it can handle a cold night.

This weekend we are looking at lows of 20, 16, and 17. This weekend high temperatures are expected to be right around 30, possibly not above freezing. Not only will it make for a brisk deer hunting weekend, it is action time on protecting plumbing.

Both the people and the critters have been getting used to this 50-60 degree weather in November. Last year lakes were freezing all of the way across by now and the ground was white, and this year we don’t have frozen ground yet. As of 9pm Wednesday night it is still 48 degrees in both Athelstane & Crivitz.

I mentioned the critters.. I am no expert, but it seems like the deer are a little late with the rut. It is in full swing both last week and this week, and the bucks are running stupid. I think that I am up to 4 bucks in the past week that wanted to get a Pontiac tattoo, running out into the road and requiring an emergency stop.

Hopefully that will translate into success for deer hunters. Last year found numbers of both hunters and deer taken way down. Some of it is lower deer numbers, a lot of it was really cold weather.

There is a storm brewing for this weekend and a lot of questions about it. It is expected to bring the first real snow of the year… somewhere.

The models have introduced various ideas about the storm. At the moment it has areas between about Sheboygan and Green Bay at 1-3, and areas south of Sheboygan in the 3-6″ range.North of Green Bay we would be in the cold air north of the storm. At times that storm has moved a few hundred miles north in the forecasts, putting us into the snow band.

Here is a link to an NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook bulletin.

Here are a few events for this weekend off of Chris’ NorthernDestinations Event Calendar..

Nov. 20
Hunter’s Bake Sale at Jungle Jim’s Pub and Grub starting at 10AM
sponsored by Silvercliff Fire and Rescue Aux.
Offering a variety of baked goods, canned goods and booyah.

Nov. 21
14th Annual Athelstane Fire Dept. Aux. Craft Fair & Bake Sale
8:30 am to 2:30 pm at Cornerstone Assembly of God Church, Corner of C & A – Athelstane
Food & Beverages – Door Prizes & Raffles

That is news from here. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!