Wednesday November 28th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

We had a little radar snow Tuesday night, but here on the ground it only added up to a very light dusting.

Monday night got a little colder than the 12ºF than they were predicting, Athelstane Weather marked 2.5 for a low.

The snow from Saturday night has made it through another day. The sun today will hit it a little, but it’s final demise probably comes Saturday.

Saturday is the first day of a warming trend that looks like it will last four or five days. Saturday starts out in the low 40s, but we are looking at mid and upper 40s by Monday, and maybe some 50s Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is a weak system that is shown coming through on Saturday night with a little rain.

There is a system showing up on the GFS for about next Wednesday. That one is shown as rain at the moment. The model has the low pressure area tracking over Lake Superior, pretty far from our ideal track of somewhere between Chicago and Sheboygan.

That one is shown bringing rain in advance of it along with the warm air that I mentioned above. We have a chance of snow and cold on the back of that storm as it runs into a blocking high pressure area over the Atlantic, and slows down with us on the cold side of the storm before the storm moves north. While it isn’t ideal, it is a shot at a couple of inches of snow.

Behind that Wednesday storm there are a couple of decent southern storms shown heading our way that would mean snow as shown. Unfortunately they are like 12 and 15 days out, so they just are a pretty cartoon that we hope pans out.

Slug commented Monday that there was close to a foot in some spots in Vilas Co..

Ray I’m up in the Ironwood area and some of the trails south of here back towards Mercer were panned down. I’m sure they were freezing the swamps. Must have a foot of snow in some areas up here. Can’t say when the trails will really open.

I am sure that they are hoping to have them open by 12/6. The Hurley Red light Rally is the 6-9th, and the ISOC Blackjack National Snocross is Friday, December 7 & Saturday, December 8 at Blackjack Mountain in Bessmer, MI.

As long as we are doing events, don’t forget the antique snowmobile show this Saturday in Crivitz.

That is about it for today. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!