Wednesday November 9th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

I was just getting started last night when I had to move on.

The first order of business, the weather. This fall has been very wet and a little warmer than normal. It would make for a very snowy and icy winter if we just moved all of that weather to January and February. Usually it just doesn’t work that way.

As far as the El Nino goes, there won’t be one. We are right on the edge between a mild LaNina (cold phase), and neutral conditions. The newest outlook comes out tomorrow, but for right now the current conditions are expected to continue until after our season. That would be a good thing, near neutral winters are usually the best. Too far in either direction usually means a tough season.

The ground is not freezing yet, but it is cooling. We have been having a lot of days in the 50s and 60s, but there is frost on the windshield almost every morning and I am burning wood every night. It won’t be long before we see our first skin ice and hard ground.

Two heads up items.

First is the trail passes. The best way is to register your sled in WI and join a club. That gets the clubs and grooming fund the maximum amount of money, and you the cheapest trail passes. That is a process that takes time, and should be initiated pretty soon.

Item two is the first real winter event in the area, the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders antique snowmobile show and swap at Gateway Bar in Crivitz. That is always the first Saturday in December. This year it is December 3rd. That is a great event with nice people and some awesome old snowmobiles.

Time to run off before I am finished again..

Be back soon-