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Jan 27

Tuesday January 27th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

Our inch of snow last night helped to cover up the land and bring some renewal. The trails were left looking snirty and soft last weekend and this helped make it a little nicer- looking anyway.

While this was only an inch, there was a little moisture to it. Roads were wicked icy last night and this morning. Side roads still are. While this isn’t the foot that we would like to see, it had to help trails at least a little, and helped road trails for sure.

We have another shot at a little snow Wednesday night into Thursday.  That snow doesn’t look like much according to the North American Model, but the GFS that I use is showing a chance at 2-3″. I like that better.

Sunday morning we had a visit from a Mr Exacto, who posted a ‘Hacked by Exacto” page complete with a picture of Miley Cyrus and a Youtube link. Chris must have stumbled onto it right after it happened, and woke me up. I had it cleaned up in a couple of minutes. That’s where the Not For Long message came from. Considering where they were and what they knew, it could have been a lot more malicious.

Last week I had a tough week with all of the work that I had. This week is slightly better, and I am still hammering away at it. One of these days I will catch up and head for the work shop, and shortly thereafter, the trail.

Unfortunately that isn’t tonight. Gotta zoom. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!






Jan 26

Monday January 26th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

We had a little snow tonight that added up to about an inch.

I am running late tonight so I will have to update more tomorrow after work. For now here are some pictures from Saturday at Rapids Resort. As always, thank you for visiting!


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Jan 25


Not for long…

Jan 23

Friday January 23rd, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

I got a look at Wausaukee and Crivitz trails today from the work van and on the way to work.. The road crossing just north of Crivitz didn’t look very good. The field just west of Wausaukee by Perch Lake Rd was nice, but the farm field across the street and the clear cut area a little farther west were getting thin. I would not be surprised to see that in this area and to the west as the weekend progresses.

Today only got up to 32 in Wausaukee, and there was a stiff breeze. The snow didn’t add up to much of anything more than a dusting. It was mostly a tease. The highway was a little slick in spots, know what you are driving on.

Here are the events that I know about for the weekend as copy and pasted from their web sites.

(Iron Snowshoe) January 24, 2015 – 16th Annual Caldron Flowage Snowmobile Radar Run & Fish-o-Ree
Caldron Lake, Boat Landing #9 – Crivitz Area  900’ Track –  $100 Cash for Top Speed, 100% payout for Fishoree.  All Raffles benefit Town of Stephenson Vol. Fire Dept. Food, Raffles and Beverages in Heated Tent on Ice. 715-757-3311

The Paul Bunyan Riders Snow Fun Day is Saturday,  January 24th. The event is held at Waubee Lake Lodge, 5 miles east of Lakewood on Cty F. There is a “fish on any lake”  Fishing Contest that ends at Waubee with prizes awarded at 6:30. You can pre register starting Friday at Mighty Fine Bait in Lakewood, Pintsch’s Hardware in Townsend as well as Waubee Lake Lodge. The all Meat Raffle starts at 1 pm. There will be Bucket Raffles and 50/50 Raffles. Food and beverages will be served all day. The winner of the Poker Run will be announced at 7 pm. The Big Ticket Drawing will be at 8 pm. Winner need not be present to win. This is our main fundraiser  of the year so come out and support the Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club.

As usual I need to run along before I am done. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!



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