Tuesday 12-18-18

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Our warm weather continues. Yesterday we got into the mid-30s and today we could get close to 40. The skies have been clear and therefore the nights have been cold. Sunday night got down to 10 degrees and it is 6 degrees as I type this early Tuesday morning.

Later in the week we should get back to a little more normal daytime temperatures.

Snow cover varies by how sheltered the area is. Open areas are down to patchy snow, more sheltered areas have 2-3” remaining.

Friday brings the first day of winter, and the shortest day of the year for sunlight. When I was driving west at sunset yesterday I was marveling at how far south in the sky that the sun was. If I was driving toward 9 o’clock the sun was between 7 & 8 o’clock. In summer it is closer to 10 o’clock.

There is very little chance of us riding nice trails for the Christmas to New Years holiday stretch. There is a chance of some rain, freezing drizzle, and eventually snow Wednesday into Thursday, but it isn’t much of a storm, and it will mostly make travel a challenge on the roads. There is a possibility of a little snow Sunday. That could help the white Christmas thing, but again there is no quantity to it.

Farther out in the forecast there is a storm showing up in the GFS model for about the 27th. At the moment the projected path is too far west for our needs, putting us on the warm side of the storm. There is a storm showing up for New Years Eve that could bring meaningful snow. The path of that one is a little east of perfect but at 12 days out two hundred miles is a reasonable margin of error.


I have been loving the gas prices lately. Yesterday I paid 2.24 in Crivitz for regular, and Friday I Paid 2.19 in Coleman.

Only the car gets the gas with the corn squeezins in it. Premium is running right around $3 a gallon. My thought yesterday was to round up all of the gas cans and go and buy 20 or 30 gallons to stockpile a couple of tankfulls for the sled and the small engines. Other than shelling out the money, I can’t see a downside to it. Gas prices could go lower, but it doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

I am taking today off of work to try to tackle some of my fall work that didn’t get done with my abnormally busy fall and the twenty degree below normal temperatures in October and November. We never had Indian summer, and this might be it minus the ladybeetle swarms. I am jumping all over it because the work is a lot easier at 40 degrees than it is at 5 degrees (or less).

The list is -no kidding- about two pages long. I am going to go and get on it. With the lazer focus on outside work I probably won’t have an update for a day or two. I will be back if anything noteworthy comes up.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 12-18-18

  1. We have a pic taken some years back at the Townsend Shell with $1.59/9 in the background and we were disgustingly stunned!! lol I could live with $2 a gallon and just keep it at that…….

  2. It’s pretty bad when $2.19/gallon of gas looks good… Remember, back in the day (like REALLY back in the day, way before 9/11), everyone was freaking-out over the prospect of $2 a gallon? Times have changed!!

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