Friday 3-9-18

Greetings and welcome!

We have a nice overcast morning this morning, which is good in March. Yesterday went about 50/50 with an overcast in the afternoon.

When I was traveling around the neighborhood yesterday right at sunset a lot of the trails that I saw looked great. On the other side of it sunny spots were blowing out and showing some dirt and plowed/treated roads were melting off. Of the 6 trail/road crossings that I checked 2 were muddy.

Welcome to late season conditions. Sheltered areas that held base are nice, roads and sunny spots are not.

I had friends ride north of Hwy 8 the past few days and they had a blast. Steve had a good time between Chute Pond and Laona yesterday (see comment).

Looking at the forecast models this weekend is pretty much it for the season for around here. I am seeing a 50+ degree warm-up late next week followed by rain and eventually some snow next Sunday.  They might get one more weekend north of Hwy 8, but this will be it for Silver Cliff.

So.. it is up to you guys. There are a lot of great trails between the sunny spots. Do you ride ’em or store ’em for the season?

I will be bar tending one last time at Rapids Resort Saturday from noon till 5 . Stop in and say hello and get your picture on the web site.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


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