Saturday January 5th, 2019

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People have been asking what the deal is with the garbage bags over the signs along the roads. The way that I heard it they close the county road ATV/UTV access routes in winter so they covered the signs. If anyone wants to add to that feel free to.

The Sunday night/Monday storm is still looking good. The TV weather channel is showing their take on the NAM, GFS, and European models. The GFS is on the low end at 5-5.5″ and the NAM and European models are on the high end at 7-8.5″.

The NWS is looking at 4″ Sunday night and a tough forecast Monday morning as warm air moves in and could turn the snow over to a mix or rain. They are looking for 4-7 north of Hwy 29 in their Special Weather Statement.

There is also some wind expected Sunday night and Monday morning, 8-15 with 25mph gusts. In combination with heavy snow rates and fairly high moisture snow, travel could get difficult for a while.

The hope is that it is heavy wet snow and a lot of it so we can get the season started.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!

One thought on “Saturday January 5th, 2019”

  1. My 2ยข…

    I haven’t sledded NEW in at least 6-7 years (and i used to come up there each Winter when i had my own scooter back in the 90’s and early 2000’s), so i’m not sure if things changed since then… But, i remember when the ATV’s in that area were allowed on the sled trails and it SUCKED big-time……you have a nicely groomed trail, and some clown tears huge ruts into it with his ATV…. IMO, and arguably many other folks would agree: KEEP SLED AND ATV TRAILS AND/OR SEASONS SEPARATE! ATV’s do NOT belong on groomed sled trails, PERIOD. Not only does it ruin the trail, it can be dangerous—hit a rut at speed and you could find yourself careening into a tree…. As far as i can recall, ATV’s are not allowed on the Yoop sled trails, at least during the sled season…..

    As for the weather, el nino has a firm grip on northern FIB-land…. Our biggest snow was the storm just after T-giving, and almost nothing since….XC skied 5 times before it melted…. We got a nice Winter Wonderland dusting a little over a week ago just before i left for Hawaii…..and when i came back yesterday, it was in the mid 50’s, no wind and bright sunshine—literally, only about 15-20 degrees cooler than the Northshore of Kauai! No need to get re-acclimated to the Chicago Winter—shorts and a t-shirt was all i needed. I’ve pretty much come to terms this that Winter is shot—i’m actually OK with the notion of 50’s and sun all Winter long…………

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