Thursday 1-4-18

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I had a couple of rather intense days early this week. Yesterday I got to see trails along Parkway Rd (Hwy I) between Silver Cliff and Hwy 8 and west into Goodman. There were some nice spots but mostly I found pretty worn trails. You can ride but it is pretty minimal for snow on a lot of trails.

The Oconto Co trails will open tomorrow at 8am. The clubs want to keep them closed to preserve the little bit of base but they are finding it problematic with surrounding counties open and people riding closed trails.

The River Road Riders have opened a few trails, but several remain closed for hunting season. I believe that the magic date for that season is 1-9. Several Wausaukee trails and Crivitz area trails will be able to open after that.

We need snow.

We had some light snow last night and a few flurries today. It didn’t add up to anything noteworthy.

In the short term we are in for more cold weather. It is expected to break for Sunday-Tuesday of next week with a little snow (1-3 or less) possible Sunday and Monday.The GFS is showing a lot more active weather Jan 10-14 and beyond.

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  1. I topped at Landing 9 tonight. There are a couple of inches but it is fairly compacted.

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