Thursday December 27, 2018

Storm Watch

5pm- I went out and snowplowed the main driveway at about 4pm. I was thankful that I have Firestone Winterforce tires on the plow truck. There is an ice base and the snow was very saturated. I am also happy that there wasn’t more snow. This was fairly manageable. A couple of more inches would not be.

I still need to snowblow the upper drive and wood yard. Whatever remains will be frozen into a brick tomorrow afternoon

Once this mess freezes it should be good for our cause. It should be a nice ice base.

There was just a little drizzle at sunset. The radar shows the big rain over for now, but there is more rain on the way.

3:30pm- What a mess. It has rained since this morning. The roads are very icy and the road crews are working hard to keep them kind of passable. The 2-3″ of snow is super soft and super saturated, and there is a layer of ice under it.

10:15am- We have dead ended at 2″ and it is all rain now.

8am- My back porch measurement is a little over 2″. It is a start. The bad news is that there is a little rain mixing into the falling snow.

2:30 am

Snow has overspread the area and started to accumulate. As of 2:30am it is less than 1/2″ but it is snowing at a moderate pace with medium small snowflakes. There is quite a bit of moisture coming so we will see a good dose of snow overnight. (3-5?) The TV says that Crivitz is at 30F.

The question of the day is when will it turn to rain. My guidance is saying between 9 and noon tomorrow.

When I was looking at the Intellicast surface analysis a few minutes ago I found it to be a very interesting storm. There is a lot of moisture coming our way, and not one surface low but 5 of them. There is also a weak clipper heading this way with some colder air.

I’m going back to sleep with pleasant dreams of a big surprise tomorrow afternoon when this big bad storm doesn’t change over as fast as expected. Dreams are free you might as well make ’em good. See ya in the morning.




2 thoughts on “Thursday December 27, 2018

  1. Thanks RJB for your total commitment to this blog this is Mickey never met you but some day we will I’m on perch lake rd . Bought in 2015 retiring 01/20/20 can’t wait .

  2. Such a disappoint with this storm , but I guess if we get a solid ice base is good snow will come we all know that thanks for the total dedication to this blog . Really appreciate your hard work

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