Thursday March 14th, 2019


We did better than expected on last night’s rain. Just as the really heavy stuff came that line of showers moved off to the east. We did still have rain and some was pretty heavy, but it was 1/4 of what I was expecting even two hours before it hit.

We got up to 49 today. It is very foggy. My road is 1/4 mile long. I can’t see the halfway point at all. I would call it less than 300 foot visibility. That is about to get a lot worse. There is a line of storms about 60 miles away heading this way. It has yellow and orange on the radar. Hopefully it will get north of 64 and get weaker.

The car that was stuck 3/4 of the way up my hill is now at home. It was still insanely slippery water on top of ice today. Salt wasn’t doing enough so I tried ashes from the wood stove. That worked great! I drove right up the last 50′ of driveway that I could barely walk on before.

I see that Paul Bunyan and Red Arrow are asking people to not ride until it cools off a little. The snow is very soft. If we keep a decent base it should freeze hard with all of the moisture in it.

Back to work…


One thought on “Thursday March 14th, 2019”

  1. Reading about you using ashes on your driveway for traction/ice melt prompted me to post another great use for ash:

    Forget kitty litter and “oil dri” for soaking up oil drips and spills in the garage or driveway… Use ash instead (wood ash is good, but charcoal ash from the Weber Grill is better)… works GREAT as an oil absorbent, especially on the garage floor…. Just throw it down, wait 10 minutes and sweep it up!


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